Is this you?



Emails all over the place?


You know the one you need is there somewhere but where?

You can’t remember who actually sent it and the search isn’t working.

You need to reply to it .. maybe you did .. just check the sent items. Can’t spot it.

Oh look I’ve missed this one better deal with it now.

Oh what was I doing.

No idea … go and get a coffee!!


Is it time to treat your email inbox like you treat your doormat?


Let me explain.


The postman arrives with your mail .. you collect it, pick it up off the mat and open it. You will read some of it.


Some of it you will deal with immediately and file the letter or throw it in the bin as you don’t need it.


Some of it you will pop in your in tray to deal with later.


What you definitely don’t do is leave it half opened, half unopened on your doormat for days, weeks even months searching through it every time you think you may need something.




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