Are you ready to STEP IT UP?

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I wonder why you did that .. clicked on the page I mean.

  • Maybe you are searching that thing .. You know ‘that thing‘?
  • Maybe you are looking for profound change in your life and business?
  • Maybe you often find yourself thinking there must be more to me that this?
  • Maybe you look at other business owners at networking and just wonder how they are so together and on it?

Do you find you sabotage your own efforts and success?

Do you lack direction and are unsure how to stop the procrastinating?

Do you have lots of ideas but are just unsure how to get started?

Do you have that shelf full of self help books that set you off with full intention to do things differently .. but strangely it doesn’t happen?

Do you just think you are not good enough to make this a success .. even if it’s not all the time?




If you have answered YES to any of the above then are you ready to STEP IT UP on my private One 2 One VIP  programme?

This programme is specifically designed around YOU. You get one to one access to work with me around all that stuff going on that is just simply getting in the way of your success. You will leave each session with tools and strategies to put into place to get that stuff shifted and don’t worry .. it’s not like those self help books because I am here to keep you accountable at every stage.

Whether it is your mind set that needs sorting out, your belief system that needs a bit of a reprogramme, your habits that are not serving you well or if it is simply just the ability to take some time out to think and get clear on where you and your business are going, have some challenge and be help accountable for those action you decide are important, then this is the programme for you.


You will have a bespoke programme of over a period of 4 months, however that best works for you. There will be face to face/Skype calls depending on where you live/work and then between these sessions you have access to me by phone, Skype or email to just keep you on track.

“Vicky has helped me to set goals and achieve them as well as explore long standing challenges that were holding me back. I would highly recommend Vicky as a coach to anyone who is serious about developing themselves and their business.”  Lisa Newport – My Ruby Slippers


So are you ready to STEP IT UP? If so get in contact below.

I'm ready to STEP IT UP Vicky!