We can all learn business lessons in all sorts of ways …… can’t we? 
In March I took on a personal challenge to Walk All Over Cancer in memory of my Mum . I pledged to walk 10,000 steps every day for the whole of the month .. that’s nearly 5 miles a day! I raised £700 for Skin Cancer Research which overwhelmed me if I’m honest. 
Well let me share that although we are all told we should walk 10,000 steps a day to be fit and healthy, it is no walk in the park! It is a big effort. It takes some dedication I can tell you.. especially on those days when I’d still got 6000 to do, it was tea time and it was absolutely pissing it down ( sorry no other way to describe that !!) In fact one day I did a Facebook live just to show I was on it .. it was rubbish .. dark, poor sound but it got loads of likes and a few more pounds in the pot as I shared my utter madness. 
Anyway onto my business lesson .. 
So as I reviewed my month (which if you don’t you should!) this was a key part of it. 
I have to say I am chuffed at my actual achievement as I started the month in not the fittest condition. 
The rules of the challenge said if I didn’t quite manage the 10,000 on one day I could make them up on another day. However that was not what I had signed up for. It was not what I had committed to do and it was not what the very generous folks who I had accountability to were expecting either! 
So for each and every day of March I walked the streets. I knew how many steps roughly each route would take and could plan that ‘journey’ quite effectively. 
• The fact that I had committed to my goal was important and helped me succeed. 
• The fact that I had accountability for the goal I had set – helped me to succeed 
• The fact that every day I posted my tracker results on a Facebook page for all to see helped me to succeed ( no cheating allowed!) 
That if I commit to doing something that is important to me and I take consistent action each and every day, then I am certain to achieve what I set out to achieve. 
It is actually very easy as Business Owners to let ourselves off .. but with the process of commitment and accountability coupled with that determination to succeed we are assured of success 
So what do you need to commit to doing in your business? What accountability do you need? What consistent and focused action do you need to take each and every day? 
I’d love to know .. and I’m here if I can help. 
Have a great day x 
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