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Steve came to have coaching with me because he was struggling to get any new clients. He didn’t really feel he had a sustained relationship with any of his clients and felt they didn’t warm to him as a person. 
He’d go along to networking meetings and feel the odd one out. He didn’t really connect with anyone and leave feeling down and despondent. 
He told me that he really wasn’t the person he thought he should be in business. He wasn’t like others in his field, but he pretended to be when he met clients and potential contacts. When he got clients he charged a low fee and was at his wits end thinking he ought to call it a day and go and get a job! 
So I asked him a question. A question which floored him to be quite honestly. I asked him to take time before he answered and to answer me truthfully. So let me ask you the same question… 
Do you love yourself?  
Answer truthfully! I don’t actually mean in a narcissistic way either .. but in a genuine ‘I love myself in a deep down genuine happy with how I am kind of way!’ 
In order to love yourself you have to stop loving the person you think you ought to be or wish you were and love who you really are. Continually trying to be someone you’re not will eventually lead to hurt and discomfort and its not a nice place to live your life. 
Be the person that you genuinely are and learn to love yourself. If you find the word love a bit tricky to start with .. try ‘like’. Each day look at yourself in the mirror and I mean really LOOK at yourself .. IN THE EYES and tell yourself ‘I love (like) you’ . ‘I really love(like) you’. 
Well for a start off you will start to feel your own worth and charge accordingly. You’ll stop feeling the need to compare yourself to others in a negative way, and people will start to like you for who you are rather thank not liking you for who you were pretending to be. If you think about it we warm to genuine, authentic people. 
BUT the biggest thing I think it makes in business is that it draws more business to you. WHY? because we all know that we do business with who we know, like and trust. If we don’t like ourselves how can we possibly expect anyone else to like us or trust us if we are pretending to be someone we’re not? 
So go ahead and start to love yourself, if you don’t already. Do the mirror work and see what happens. 
If you need some support to work through any ‘love lost’ issues I’d be pleased to have a 30 minute discovery call with you.  
Drop me a line at and let’s have a chat. 
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