Are you busy? All the time ? Just too busy and you tell everyone too? 
Well we really need to understand busyness and understand being busy or too busy is our choice! 
I'm just so busy has become a stock phrase of today's world. It's like a badge of honour for business owners .. if they are not too busy they are failing! It's as though it's unique to us and we are the only one! 
Here's a challenge for you .. the next time someone asks how you are? Don't reply and say 'just so busy' (or similar) Reply with something unexpected like 'I'm fine thank you . Not busy at all'. See what their reaction is .. I reckon you might get a sharp intake of breath followed by the questions because clearly something is not right!! 
Why are you so busy? 
What is it that you have chosen to say yes to that actually you can't fit in.?  
Ask yourself have you said yes because you felt as though you should rather than actually wanting to do it? 
Sometimes we do actually say yes to things because we thrive on the actual challenge of climbing mountains. Great in the short term but it is not sustainable.  
Sometimes busyness is not a direct choice. Children need something, a client is in need of some urgent assistance, ailing parents .. the list could go on. 
We have no control over stuff like this. However piling these extra responsibilities on top of the already overflowing mountain of stuff to do is not healthy or productive. So here's my suggestion .. calmly look at what is on the 'to do list' ( whether it's real or the one we keep in our head too) and say ' do you know what? I can't do it all'.  
Now this is not easy for lost of us .. we don't like admitting what we perceive to be defeat or failure or weakness but actually it's not - it's self preservation and as a Business Owner who will do the business stuff if you are knocked off your feet?? Exactly no one!! 
So decide what goes off the list even temporarily or decide what you can outsource to someone with the skills to get it done quickly and probably in less time that you can. It's about letting go and knowing that perfection is over rated. Learning to live with imperfection is a great life and business lesson. Good is good enough. 
So today I invite you to .. 
Decide to stop describing yourself as busy. 
Take some time to stop and do nothing. Just let life be! 
Plan some time into your diary each week for preparation and catch up 
Get an accountability partner who you tell you are giving up 'busyness' and ask them to monitor you talk for the busy line!! 
It is good to be occupied and loving life but it's a completely different thing to be in constant overwhelm and not knowing which way to turn next. 
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