If you’ve boarded an aeroplane to fly away on holiday, then you’ve heard the flight attendant’s safety chat. 
You know the one – where the exits are, that your life jacket is under your seat and how to put it on, inflate it and blow the whistle and if the cabin pressure drops then the oxygen masks will drop from above your head and you need to use them. 
Just pondering on that last bit though .. don’t they always tell you to put yours on first before helping children and those struggling around you? 
As children we are taught to be polite to other people and offer our sweeties first to others. In fact, if you think back it was almost as if everyone else should come first and it was very rude to just think of yourself. That of course would be selfish! 
So why when we are flying on a plane should we do exactly the opposite then? 
Well that got me thinking about my clients. Often when I am working with them the issue of self- worth comes up. Often my clients are partners, wives, mums … and they struggle to get stuff done in their business because they are always doing stuff for everyone else. 
Back to childhood? Yes, maybe. Do you know though, as a business owner if you don’t take care of number one then what happens? Well the ultimate outcome is that there is no business! Quite simply that. 
When we spend our time running around on errands for our other halves, remembering everything for our children, doing those odd jobs that we can do (especially when we work from home) our days just vanish, often without a trace .. you know the thing ‘where did the day go?’ 
So maybe it is time to have a look at how you spend your time. Do you send it on the right stuff at the right time? Do you give yourself a break and have a sit down to think about your business and where it is going? Do you actually plan your days in advance? When do you allow yourself time to recharge your batteries? 
Is it time to start adhering to that flight attendant’s advice – put your own oxygen mask on first? Why? So you can carry on supporting all those around you who need your support, help and assistance without burning out and having no business? 
I reckon the answer is yes but what about you? 
If I can help you recognise you need to put your oxygen mask on first, then let’s have a chat. 
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