I just didn’t have the time – 
The time to write my blogs 
The time to write my book 
The time to develop new programmes or products 
The time to just think about my business 
The time to just stop and be 
Do you ever feel like that? 
It’s a spiral of feeling frustrated as you know you need to do all the stuff, but you just can’t see how to get the space. 
Well today I am writing this blog at the seaside while I am looking out over the beach, feeling the warm sunshine on me (because yes it really is warm and sunny) smiling at passers by and chatting to the locals. There really is something quite magical and inspirational about the sea isn’t there? 
So how did I get here? Well I actually drove but that’s not what I meant. I had a real longing to come to the seaside. I had a real desire and need to take the time out of the business to work on the business. So how did I do it? 
I ruled the day out in my diary and committed to doing it. I made that appointment with myself, for myself. 
Have I found benefit though? 
Well in three and a half hours I have .. 
Written a chapter of my book 
Planned a corporate coaching programme 
Planned an on line coaching programme for business owners 
Written 2 blogs 
Done a brain dump of all the stuff going around in my head 
Had a walk and time to stop and just be 
So reflecting – would I have got so much achieved in the office in 3 and half hours? 
So today I have revisited the seaside of my youth, remembered memories, had time for me, relaxed and been super productive. 
So absolutely ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ and I will be doing it again soon. 
Wish you were here? Just book the day with you and you can be! 
I’d love to know what you are going to do so please drop a comment below. 
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