There's a question. It's a bit like driving a car I reckon. You learn the knowledge and do the basics to get through the qualification and then you learn HOW to do it. 
Great ...and that really works IF you are in a large organisation with a tiered management structure of HR professionals but what if you are in a smaller business and there is just you? 
What actually if you have never 'learnt HR' and are just 'given it' as part of your job? 
Of course we can all Google the answer to the question - if we know the right question to ask it and have an idea about when the last bit of legislation was passed for the most up to date answer. 
But what about the practical side of HR? The dealing with the people side? The most important part of the job .. engagement, dealing with matters fairly and interpreting policies to support the business? 
I have a philosophy around HR professionals. We should be enablers - not YES people and certainly not always NO people. We should ensure that the people management matters are dealt with lawfully and fairly (so as not to jeopardise the business) but also they should work FOR the business. 
It's OK getting the qualification (or be given the task) but do you know we need to understand how to do the stuff! Getting it wrong is damaging to the business both for its reputation and financially. 
I have worked in HR for over 30 years now and still get very worried about some of the practices I see about so I have decided to add a service to my business as I am also a qualified business coach. I am strongly of the view that there are young in service HR professionals and members of staff who have to deal with HR matters who don't know where to start but who would love to 'do HR' well. 
So can I help? 
Can I coach and mentor your HR member of staff to help them 'DO HR', safeguard your business and be a helpful voice on the end of the telephone for when they just aren't sure what to do next? 
If this of any interest I'd love to discuss it more. 
Hope to hear from you. 
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