Time management in two minutes! 
Do you often wonder how other people are so great at time management? Of course we know there is no such thing as time management – right? It's about how we manage our time that helps us be productive. 
I have read several different book on different topics but one thing that keep popping up is the two minute rule. 
I’ve come across it in all sorts of places. In email management, in tidying up techniques even in goal setting and taking action. 
So here’s what I have picked up as the general rule .. 
If you can do it in 2 minutes do it now – if it will take longer than 2 minutes assign a time to do it when it is appropriate. 
That’s it!! 
Now to be honest some of the stuff I have read particularly around taking action towards your goals indicated that if you could just decide to start something for 2 minutes then you were more likely to carry on. I love this. We can all commit to do anything for 2 minutes can’t we? 
I suppose the challenge now is OK so I start it and commit to 2 minutes and then I get stuck in .. well how long do I go on for? So I could put a block of say 30 minutes into my schedule but then what if I don’t get stuck in .. well then I’ve got 28 minutes now to do something else. Well yes I suppose that’s it. If I do 2 minutes and it doesn’t float my boat I’ll start the next thing for 2 minutes and if I get going I have 26 minutes to crack on with it. 
Well I am up for giving this a go .. will you join me? 
Does it make a difference to that action list and taking that one step nearer to your goals? 
Keep in touch and let me know how you get on. 
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