One to One Coaching 

Why One to One Coaching? 
- primarily because it's bespoke to you and your business! 
We all have individual challnges in business, different stuff that keeps us stuck. Sometimes you just need someone to work with you, challenge YOUR thought processes, challenge YOUR beliefs and help YOU to get unstuck and shift your bsuiness success forward.  
So what can you expect as the likely outcomes? 
The opportunity to think bigger, stretch yourself and shift your comfort zone to be bigger and with less boundaries 
You commit to the actions you want to do and programme them into your working week 
Get solid help to move your business forward 
Stop the confusion and being a busy non achiever by not doing the things in the right order 
Get clarity and focus 
Get clear on your core message, your goals and what’s stopping you telling everyone about them 
Learn the secrets of successful planning and achievement 
The Committment 
I have 3 packages depending on what level of one to one support you want right now - we can always change the package as you need. 
All of my one to one packages require a committment as coaching is not a quick fix!  
So ideally we could be working together for between 6 and 12 months but initially I ask for a committment of 4 months to really get going (with 1 months notice of concluding our work together) 
One to One Coaching Packages 
There is no set programme because your business is unique. You have your own ideas, your own goals, your own challenges and we will start working just where YOU ARE - RIGHT NOW! 
Getting Started - £150 per month 
One x 60 minute call a month* 
Get started on getting more business success. Maybe you are early days in business or you've never had a business coach before Vicky will help get you focussed on the right actions for your business. Let her help get you out of your own way and start to make clear plans to achieve the goals you've set. 
Need a quick text or email just to keep you heading towards those actions you've set - that can happen! 
Ultimate Success - £350 a month 
One x two hour face to face or zoom session plus 2 accountability calls a month* 
A 2 hour session once a month where you can work on your business, get unstuck, seek answers to the stuff that is just in the way. Get more focus on YOUR business, your plans, what your actions need to be. Set yourself the actions YOU want to achieve. and see results quicker. 
If the deadline YOU set is before our next call - don't worry Vicky will call or text to keep you on track. 
Any residual actions will be discussed at the accountability calls - just to keep you motivated and taking action! 
Growing Success - £250 per month 
One x 60 minute and a 30 minute accountability call a month* 
You've probably been in business a while and have reached a plateau, got stuck and not sure what your next moves are. Working on your business, challenging your thought processes, chatting through your ideas, sort your plans for the next month (or whatever you need to do)  
She'll keep you on track with a mid month call to check on how you are doing and to see what's next on the action list. Need a quick chat mid scheduled calls - well that's OK too. 
* sessions and calls are approximate lengths - we'll never finish mid discussion or leave you having just unearthed THAT problem that needs dealing with right now.  
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