Brain Dump Exercise 
Don't know where to start? Can't see the wood for the trees? This might just help! 
Too much going on in your head? Don't know what to do first ? Just feel defeated and wish it would all just go away? 
You've got overwhelm. 
The problem with overwhelm is that you can just freeze and rather than takign the action you need to take, you literally do nothing. 
Lots of us allow tasks to remain undone, unfinished or on the 'in a bit' pile and all of that compounds to that feeling of overwhelm and the desire to stick our head under the duvet! 
There' s good news though - working through the Brain Dump Exercise will help.  
What's a Brain Dump? 
It's a non fancy term for getting all that stuff going on in your head into an unorganised list. So taking all the 'To Do's' the 'might dos', things to remember, ideas, thoughts out of your head and into a more 'permanent' place - such as a piece of paper. 
By getting all that stuff out of your head, you allow yourself to be able to focus on one thing without the worry that you will forget everything else. 
Grab a copy of my Brain Dump Exercise instructions over on the right 
Do you use lists? 
You might just have one for shopping or you might be the King or Queen of lists … 
You may just see them as an unnecessary evil and just can’t be bothered because after all you remember everything you have to do!! 
Or do you?? 
Well I have put together my thoughts on lists and yes I do believe they have a value 
I’m not so sure though one big list is the answer though … 
you know that feeling it provokes? “I can’t possible get everything done off this list” and so actually you stop and don’t do anything well except the smaller, more insignificant, quick to get off the list stuff! 
Here are some of the things I suggest to my clients to help them just get more stuff done! 
I just need to know where to send it and its yours. So, click on the link below and pop your details in the box and The Power of the Little List is yours to keep. 
So do you just need a bit more time to get the stuff done? 
Well here’s the thing (that you know right?) there is no more time available!! 
We all get exactly the same amount .. 1440 minutes a day, 24 hours in each of the 7 days a week. Once it has gone – it has gone for ever. So we need to make the best use of the time we have available and let’s face it .. some of that 1440 minutes we need to sleep, eat and other mundane stuff! 
So one of the things I love to share with my clients is how to make the most of the time they have available for doing their important staff. It really works. So I’d love to share with you one of the tips I share with them (well actually there are probably several here) to help you just get more stuff done. 
**So click on the link below and drop your details in the box and I will send you my ‘Get your stuff done today productivity planner’.** 
Once you have it you can just keep using it. 
All the instructions are on the sheet but if you do get stuck – just drop me an email and I will help you out. 
Hope it is really helpful and you really do get more stuff done! 
Is this You? 
Emails all over the place? 
You know the one you need is there somewhere but where? 
You can’t remember who actually sent it and the search isn’t working. 
You need to reply to it .. maybe you did .. just check the sent items. Can’t spot it. 
Oh look I’ve missed this one better deal with it now. 
Oh what was I doing. 
No idea … go and get a coffee!! 
Is it time to treat your email inbox like you treat your doormat? 
Let me explain. 
The postman arrives with your mail .. you collect it, pick it up off the mat and open it. You will read some of it. 
Some of it you will deal with immediately and file the letter or throw it in the bin as you don’t need it. 
Some of it you will pop in your in tray to deal with later. 
What you definitely don’t do is leave it half opened, half unopened on your doormat for days, weeks even months searching through it every time you think you may need something. 
Get my FREE ‘how to get your email to zero’ top tips sheet and start effectively managing your electronic mail like you do your snail mail. 
Habits – 
Those things we do with out thinking or the things that just zap our time! 
Do you know what I mean? 
Check out my video (if you’ve not already where I explain a bit more .. I know it says Thursday but if it’s not its a great thought for any day!) 
Do you know what though ? 
If we carry on without paying attention to the stuff we do without noticing we use our time, we don’t get things done off our action list and we end up frustrated as the day has passed us by. 
I’ve put together a worksheet to just help you think about your habits .. so give yourself and your business the gift of 10 minutes. 
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