Specialist Coaching for HR Professionals 
Being an HR professional is a lonely place!  
Often part of the Senior Management team but not quite because you can't be seen to be 'one of them' but you are really. Responsible for overseeing possible the most expensive asset of the organisation. Supporting, developing and nurturing employees of all levels but often neglecting your own development and support needs. 
Everyone expects you to have the answers, get 'it' right all of the time and be the font of all knowledge when it comes to people matters. Dealing with or supporting managers to do the employee relations side of the business can be emotional, draining and difficult and whilst you are trained to do it it doesn't make you inhuman, no matter what others may think. 
You may be the stand alone HR professional in your own business or in an SME. You might be a senior HR manager in a larger organisation, responsible for an HR department with a team of staff to manage as well as your corprate responsibilities. 
Constantly under pressure  
Maintaining confidentiality  
Keeping your cool when dealing with frustrating matters 
Needing to be self aware at all times 
Maintaining that level of professionalism  
Sometimes feeling your confidence just needs a boost 
Running on that hamster wheel, at everyone's beck and call and never getting to your own to do list just makes you feel like you want it all to stop and let you off for a while. 
THEN keep reading ... 
Having a professionally qualified and accredited coach to talk to, off load to and having the safe space to explorte your own ansers and solutions might be just the thing you need RIGHT NOW! 
I have spent 33 years as a qualified HR professional in both the public and private sectors and have run my own HR consultancy for 11 years. 
Coupled with my PGcert in Business and Personal coaching - I GET IT! 
I was fortunate to have access to coaching periodically when I was in my last snior management role in the corporate world.  
Just having the space to offload, to think through challenges that were keeping me stuck and to explore some of the beliefs I had that were getting in the way, was so valuable. My coach held a space for me to JUST BE ME, something I couldn't always admit to being when I had my professional face on. 
Maybe you ... 
Want clarity around your own vision for your own consultancy or career 
Want to improve your own personal performance 
Want to be a more effective leader 
Need to better manage your time and that illusive work/life balance 
Want to undertand your own strengths better and how to use them to your advantage 
Want to communicate more effectively with your team, stakeholders, managers, clients. 
Want to be proactive and less reactive 
If any of this is on your own wish list, then get in touch for a no obligation chat to see if I can help.  
You can book a 45 minute discovery call HERE  
Do I really need your services? 
If anything I have said above has resonated with you ... then maybe.  
Am I the right coach for you? ... well I might be, but if I am not then we won't work together. 
Curious? Want to know more? Then book a call and let's have a chat. Just go HERE and find a time that works for you. 
No obligation. No pressure. Just a chat. 
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