The Business Boosting Blueprint 
Let me ask you this …. 
Are you ready to get out of your own way and make more money in your business? 
Are you fed up with constantly working harder but not getting any further? 
Do you need to be really clear where to put your focus? 
Are you prepared to find your own breakthroughs and get the results you know are there for the taking? 
Do you just spend your time faffing about, not getting very far, very fast? 
Does that sound like YOU? Have YOU answered YES to any of those questions then The Business Boosting Blueprint is perfect for you 
You want a really clear understanding of you, your business and how to maximise your profits 
You want to free up time to be able to get the important stuff done – when you know what that is! 
You want to blast through the stuff that is just keeping you stuck and know why it is! 
You want to see results! 
and you want the support of likeminded folks and me in our members only Facebook group. 
But you don’t have time for a programme I hear you say …. 
Well all you need to get involved and start seeing results is the WILL to say YES because the programme is split into bite sized chunks of 5 to 10 minutes so you can watch it while you have a cuppa, bit by bit and then do the stuff and take action bit by bit! 
I really do believe in the compound effect .. little action taken often! 
SO IF YOU are not bothered about 
Doing the work to get you shifting your business forward 
Getting out of your own way and really understanding what makes you tick 
Giving yourself the gift of really taking stock of you and your business 
Taking yourself out of your comfort zone on occasions .. 
Then please don’t waste your money and join! 


Where are you heading? 
So how often do you think ‘What is this bloody business all about?’. Well time to find out. 
It’s time to know exactly where you are taking it and know what goals and targets you are setting to make a difference. 
This module will allow you to make decisions with ease. You will be out of your own way knowing what your business looks like, where you need to focus your attention and knowing what action to take, each and every day. 
This module will get your fired up, really getting to grips with your blueprint and ready to take the necessary action! 


All About YOU! 
Do you have that constant battle in your head? The battle that tells you what you should be doing, ought to be doing, shouldn’t be doing? 
This module will get your business working for you. You’ll know what’s important to you. You’ll be working in your own zone of genius and totally comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer. 
You’ll ensure you only work with people who fit your business and suit you and the way you work and really get a grip of who this is. 
Do you procrastinate? Are you sitting there wasting time, quite rankly ‘farting about’? Well this module will motivate you on those days when you feel like you are just fumbling around to know exactly why you are doing what you are doing and what you need to actually be doing. 
This module is simply the rocket fuel for your business! 


Get your time back! 
I’d put bets on that fact that you don’t know where your time goes! You are hurtling through the day with no plan or a plan you don’t stick to, no structure and find it is suddenly time to do the school run, time to do tea or whatever else ends your day! 
Things are still sat there waiting to be done, the things you promised yourself you’d do today. 
You actually believe you can multi task! You do a gazillion things at once but they are all the easy, quick wins off the list ( if indeed there is a list) 
Identify where you are leaking time .. I know you are busy and think you won’t find any space capacity but let’s see! I reckon you are even telling yourself some stories that just need blasting out the water! 


Getting More Productive! 
Time to be a productivity ninja! 
It is time to break free from whole cycle of nothingness and actually start to make the important things happen. 
Result? You make more money! 
Gone is the time when you sit on the fence wondering what to do. It’s not about working every hour that is sent – it is about getting a bespoke blueprint that works for you. Really understanding what you need to focus on that will make you more money than you are getting right now! 

  So what's in it for you then? 

This programme will allow you to create your business blueprint that makes you more money, gives you more time to do the stuff that is important, gets you to be more productive and gets you focusing on the right stuff. 
You become a member of my bespoke members only Facebook group where you can ask me any questions, get unstuck and share with other likeminded business owners as they create their own business blueprint. 
If you are ready to take the LEAP and BOOST YOUR BUSINESS BLUEPRINT over the next 90 days …. 
THEN HIT THE BUTTON BELOW to get started. 
Price for the whole programme – life time access 
"The doors are now open” 

Just in case you need more convincing this is the right move ..  here’s what some previous participants have said … 

The Business Boosting Blueprint is definitely “the gift that keeps on giving”. Having worked through it you end up with a powerful resource that’s all about you and your business. You can keep on revisiting it and there’s always something to build on – a new angle you hadn’t thought of before or a new insight into what’s really going on” Dianne Sinclair 
“Why – you might ask yourself – should I sign up to Vicky’s Business Boosting Blueprint? And if I’d asked myself this question, I probably wouldn’t’ve signed up. Like me, you might’ve been on many self development courses, including goal setting and time management BUT I didn’t ask myself why do it – I just did; and so pleased that I did 
So why should you sign up? The answer is quite simple – you’d be a fool not to! Vicky has a very easy style of presentation, and engaging – which is not a common skill when presenting on-line. She presents her topics from a very different angle from what I have seen before – bringing a new perspective. 
There are practical exercises throughout the programme – avoiding the “I’ll do that tomorrow” And she makes these exercises SO easy to do, with practical tips along the way 
I have met many coaches and trainers during my career – spanning many years – but never one as talented and as supportive as Vicky You owe it to yourself to sign up to this course” Tracy Lewis, FCCA 
“Hi there. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Vicky for helping me get my business on track. I’ve found the Business Boosting Blueprint really useful especially as I could go at my own pace and go back over some aspects with the videos. Vicky has also been on hand, in the Facebook group, to talk things through. anyone needing a boost or even some accountability or reflection/review within their business .. this course is well worth your time” Sandra Rushton 
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