There is a huge difference between doing something well and doing it perfectly. 
Attempting to be perfect can bring on feelings of inadequacy and even interefere with the successful completion of important work and projects. 
Perfectionism is, quite frankly, over rated and unneccessary! 
GOALS – I love goals and goal setting as they provide a great route map for your business and your life. 
It's the one common thing I talk to all my Business Owner clients about - getting clear on their goals. 
I usually go by the normal ‘rules of goal setting in a tried and tested format, but doing some reading recently got me thinking. 
Here I share some of the alternative tips to goal setting. 
Perfectionism but is it perfect
Claude Monet was a perfectionist.  
Well it worked for him then didn't he? One of the world's most famous impressionist painters and one of my favourites. Maybe, but in the process he destroyed many paintings, even 15 destined to open an exhibition.  
He concluded his ' life had been nothing but a failure'. 
As a Business Owner or Senior Leader, why bother hiring a coach to work with? 
Coaches - we are everywhere! What does a coach do and do you need one? 
The simple answer in my opinion to that last question ( but yes I would say it!!) Is yes. Every business owner does need a coach, well if they want their business to deliver the success they want it to. Just like every successful sportsperson has a coach ( or two) in their life. 
Let me tell you a bit more about what a coach can do for you and your business. 
Research by Bupa has revealed that almost two thirds of British workers are too busy to take the twenty-minute lunch break that is required by law when they’re working shifts of six hours or more. 
In fact, a whopping 28% are not taking any breaks at all during their working day. 
Take a second to think about how this applies to your business. Is there a culture of employees or you, being chained to their desks until the end of their shift?  
It's worth taking the time to consider what the impact could be? 
It's great being a business owner isn't it?  
We have the luxury of being able to have the flexibility we want which is fantastic! 
However .. how often do you find yourself doing that thing that is an art form. It takes lots of practice .. yep I'm talking about PROCRASTINATION! 
The art of wasting time. Doing stuff that is not connected in any way to generating income or even doing the other 'top priority' tasks. 
The impact of procrastinating on your business is HUGE! It's up to us if we succeed so why do we do it? 
Are you busy? All the time ? Just too busy and you tell everyone too? 
Well we really need to understand busyness and understand being busy or too busy is our choice! 
I'm just so busy has become a stock phrase of today's world. It's like a badge of honour for business owners .. if they are not too busy they are failing! It's as though it's unique to us and we are the only one! 
Have you got a personal trainer in your life?  
I have. It's tough .. They are always there with their beady eye watching what you are up to, challenging behaviour and actions that don't fit with your plan for success.  
They challenge you out of your comfort zone, help you rid yourselves of those limiting beliefs you've maybe had since you were rubbish at games at school ( you know nearly always picked last for the team!) but mainly they hold you to account for the actions you have chosen to take. 
Well actually no it isn't really. 
Experts have declared ‘sitting is the new smoking’ and whilst you may think this is a bit extreme, there is now science behind the truth that prolonged sitting is dangerous to our health. 
The average Brit spends 8.9 hours a day sitting down. More of us are working in jobs which see us spending our entire work days sitting down, even those of us who have our own businesses – but sedentary behaviour is often linked to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even premature death. 
Time management in two minutes! 
Do you often wonder how other people are so great at time management? Of course we know there is no such thing as time management – right? It's about how we manage our time that helps us be productive. 
I have read several different book on different topics but one thing that keep popping up is the two minute rule. 
I’ve come across it in all sorts of places. In email management, in tidying up techniques even in goal setting and taking action. 
So here’s what I have picked up as the general rule .. 
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