About Vicky 
I guess that you have found yourself at my page because you’re feeling you’re just not achieving what you set out to achieve, or you feel out of control with your life and/or business or you just don’t seem to get the most of the 365 days in the year. 
Well let me tell you a little bit about myself and my journey so you know who I am. 
I’m Vicky Stanton. I live in Nottinghamshire, home of Robin Hood and the Major Oak, with my partner and have a step son of whom I am very proud. 
I am an only child of hard working parents and far from being spoilt, was brought up to have a strong work ethic and learn the values of money, honesty and integrity. My family has always been there for me and given me support, love and a great start in life for which I will always be grateful. I had the privilege of a private education, partly funded by a scholarship but chose to move to a state VIth form college and then into the world of work. Was I disadvantaged by not going to university and getting a degree? … I don’t think so! 
So what is my experience? 
Apart from a short stint as a Retail Management Trainee, I have worked as a Human Resources Professional for over 25 years, in both the private and public sectors. Working for organisations such as Wm Morrison Supermarkets, The Cooperative Society, Derbyshire County Council and Nottinghamshire Police and within Pedigree Petfoods, gave me the opportunity to mentor and coach some successful individuals and provide organisations and managers, people management solutions to enhance business outcomes. 
I gained my HR professional qualifications , through part time study whilst working full time and following redundancy in 2011 added to my qualifications with a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching. 
My life long hobby has been volunteering as a Guide leader in Girlguiding UK for over 30 years (I really don’t feel that old!!) and have the privilege of working with young women and adult volunteers. I have been very honoured to receive two Guiding awards for my service and inspiration to the organisation and to the young women I work with. I have been very proud to see many young women I have worked with and mentored go on to be leaders in their own right and give back some of the enjoyment they experienced to others. 
So how could I help you? 
I work with business owners and entrepreneurs whose business is their passion BUT … 
maybe they’ve lost a bit a bit of their zing 
maybe they just don’t find enough hours in the day to do their stuff 
maybe they just need to believe they can achieve more than they think they can 
maybe they just need to get out of their own way, stop procrastinating and making excuses! 
I help my clients have accountability, the opportunity to work on themselves and their business and have some fun whilst we are doing it. 
Being ‘The Boss’ can be a lonely place and it is so easy to let yourself off the hook! So if you are ready to take action and see results then let’s have a chat. Drop your details in the box below and I will be in touch. 

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