You know those days when you just wished you knew the answer. 
Well it’s Ok isn’t it, because you can just type the question (or whatever you are looking for) into Google. Can’t you? 
Well yes but sometimes you also need to have the confidence that the answer you get is the right one. 
I met with my Business Coach today and it got me thinking. How great it was to have an actual somebody who knew the stuff I needed to know. More importantly he knows that the advice he is giving is up to date and lawful. But even better, he actually does stuff for me. It’s stuff that he knows about, he’s qualified to do and stuff that just, quite honestly, gives me a headache. 
Similarly in by business, I often get calls from Business owners who are curious about the paperwork they are giving to their employees and whether it is right or not. By right I mean lawful and up to date, the sort of thing that will keep them out of court and keep their cash in their pocket! 
I sometimes find that a well-meaning employer has found an old employment contract from the days they were employed and issued that. Often this is out of date and has paragraphs that do not match current employment legislation. 
The big problem is that should the employee with the unlawful document become disgruntled and end up in the employment tribunal, the employer may face a hefty bill for just not getting stuff right, not having policies in place and not following procedures. 
But panic not! It is just so easy to have the right up to date access to the right stuff to safeguard you and your business. So what do you need? What are the basics you must have to keep you out of trouble? 
Well to help, I’ve put together a handy checklist for you to see if you have the right things in place. If you want it just click HERE 
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