So you have decided that the way forward is to employ your first person. 
It may feel really scary but actually take a moment to think of the achievement this signifies in your business. It is likely that you started your business doing your thing and all those other things we as business owners have to do, as there is no one else and cash flow doesn't allow us to outsource or employ anyone. We then get a point where we can outsource and then BOOM we have to make the decision to take someone on ... like a proper business.  
Of course I am not for one minute suggesting your business has not been 'proper' but that's how it feels right? 
You are taking a huge step. You are taking a responsibility for managing a someone in YOUR business. You are going from solopreneur to BOSS! 
So what have you got to think about? 
Firstly your mindset! You have spent every hour you've had available. more than likely, developing your business into the way you want it. Providing the service you want to provide and taking huge pride in it. You are now opening the doors to someone else working for you and on your behalf and it is essential that you get your head round it now! 
Next you need to consider what exactly you want them to do?  
Are they providing a support function to the business? Accounts, admin, sales? Are they going to be providing the service that you provide .. you know 'your thing'. Maybe you are an electrician and need another electrician, maybe you have a shop and need a sales person, maybe you make something and need some help in making more. 
Whatever it is .. be clear what you want them to do and what skills and experience and/or qualifications they MUST have and those that it would be great for them to have. A job description and person spec to give them their proper HR titles! 
Now you need to think how much you are going to pay them. Ther are legal minimums dependant on age but you can, of course pay more if this will attract your ideal candidates. It is unlikely that a skilled, qualified electrician will come along for the minimum wage. 
Will you offer any additional benefits? You have to pay holidays, sick pay , maternity/paternity as a matter of course at the legal minimum again but you can enhance any benefits you wish to. My general advice to a small business would be to start with the legal minimums. You can always enhance as your business grows. 
Then you need to ensure you have all your paperwork in order. There are several things by law you are required to provide and have in place. These include pre employment checks, your written statement of terms and conditions and policies and procedures that are important even with one member of staff. Without making this even more scary .. not knowing is not a good enough excuse. 
Don't think of all this as scary stuff not to be bothered with. Your business is growing, you are developing your share in the market and providing work for someone. How great is that? Then employment stuff is important but there are people around whose thing is HR, to help. 
So if you are thinking about taking on that very first member of staff, why don't we have a no obligation chat so I can make sure you get it all right from the start? 
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