No I don’t actually mean the plumbing in your house … I mean those you spend your time with! 
Maybe it's time to reflect on your plumbing as you read this ... 
You know the sorts .. the ones who are always miserable, see the worst in every situation, don’t want you to do very well because they aren’t. They suck your energy. They are DRAINS. 
The other sorts are the folks around who are always inspiring you, they may challenge your negative thinking, seeing the positive in every situation and just make you feel good. They lift you up. They are RADIATORS. 
So who do you spend your time with? Just take a moment to really have a think. There is a saying that we become like the five people we spend most of our time with. So what are you like? How do those people influence your thinking and your behaviour? Are you happy with the answer? 
Your parents were onto a good thing when they stopped you hanging around with those kids because they were a bad influence. Now though, it your choice. Do you hang around with those ‘kids’ who are a bad influence? 
So here are my tips for getting your plumbing sorted … 
Avoid gossiping Don’t get drawn into the conversations pulling others down or complaining about situations. If something is not right then do what you can to put it right or walk away from the negativity and don’t get involved. 
Avoid the sewage Stop spending time with toxic people. Start to move away from the people who zap your energy and leave you feeling demotivated and not worthy. 
Get warm and surround yourself with those people who radiate their positive energy. Spend time with these people, grab a coffee and tap into their positivity. 
Surround yourself with successful folk Join groups or mastermind groups where people are or have been on the same journey. Share ideas and strategies 
Mirror yourself on successful behaviour Read articles on the success tips of great entrepreneurs and start to do what they advise. Read the right books, listen to the right audio programmes and copy their behaviours.  
Become a radiator Start acting and speaking in a positive manner to yourself and to others. You will attract people like you who want to spend time with you and that can only be a good thing. 
In business we know that we do business with those we know like and trust. The more people like you the business will come your way. 
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