Jane always wore black. She sometimes added a muted coloured scarf but generally she wore black. I’m not convinced black was her colour, if you’d have asked one of those colour analysts they may have agreed with me, but it was her colour of choice. 
So why did she wear black all of the time? 
Well quite simply she didn’t wish to be seen. Well that’s OK you might think , but being a business owner makes the ‘not being seen thing’ a little bit tricky, especially if you want customers. 
You know those feelings? The ones that make you fearful of what others might think of you. The ones that bubble up when you look at others and you feel you can’t possibly compete with them. Then of course there’s the voice .. the one that asks why you think you can? or why would anyone buy from you? 
BUT Do you know that to be the whole truth? 
That you can’t I mean? Whatever it is that is stopping you? Is it 100% true? Absolute fact? Has anyone bought from you before? Who says you can’t compete with them? Who says you don’t have something even better to offer them? 
There is a saying ‘ what others think of you is none of your business’. 
If you have your own business then this is one of the key things to get to grips with. You really don’t need to compare yourself to others, you don’t have to compete with them, you are a unique individual with a unique offering. 
Stop listening to the voice and those feelings and start to shine 
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